RE: How do you deprecate URIs? Re: OWL-DL and linked data

> From:  Bijan Parsia
> [ . . . ]
> 1) sameAs tends to merge annotations and similar meta data, because
> it's extensional.
> E.g., If I say someTerm dc:creator "Bijan" and someone else
> someOtherTerm dc:creator "BoogerHead Jones", and then we say that
> someTerm sameAs someOtherTerm, we've (semantically) lost the
> distinguish between who created what.

As described, that example looks to me more like an illustration of the misuse of dc:creator than of owl:sameAs.   If :someTerm and someOtherTerm really denote the same thing, and then according to my reading of owl:sameAs semantics,

    someTerm dc:creator "Bijan" .

means *exactly* the same thing as

    someOtherTerm dc:creator "Bijan" .

so I don't see any inappropriate loss of information.  Am I missing something?

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