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Granular dereferencing ( prop by prop ) using REST + LinkedData; Ideas?

From: Aldo Bucchi <aldo.bucchi@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 12:51:05 -0300
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Hi All,

I am in the process of LODing a dataset in which certain properties
are generated on the fly ( props derived from aggregate calculations
over the dataset, remote calls, etc ). I would like to let the clients
choose which of these expensive properties they need on demand and on
a granular level.

For example, lets say I am interested in knowing more about resource
Per LD conventions, dereferencing http://ex.com/a ( via 303 ) returns

<http://ex.com/a> a ex:Thing ;
  rdfs:label "a sample dynamic resource";
  ex:dynamic1 45567 .

The problem is that the value for ex:dynamic1 is very expensive to
compute. Therefore, I would like to "partition" the document in such a
way that the client can ask  for the property on a lazy, deferred
manner ( a second call in the future ).
The same is true for dynamic2, dynamic3, dynamic4, etc. All should be
retrievable independently and on demand.

* I am aware that this can be achieved by extending SPARQL in some
toolkits. But I need LOD.
* I am also aware that most solutions require us to break URI
obscurity by stuffing the subject and predicate in the uri for a doc.
* Finally, seeAlso is too broad as it doesn't convey the information I need.

Anyone came up with a clean pattern for this?

Something as simple as:
GET http://x.com/sp?s={subject}&p={predicate} ---> required RDF

works for me... but... .
If possible, I would like to break conventions in a conventional manner ;)


Aldo Bucchi
Office: +56 2 795 4532
Mobile:+56 9 7623 8653

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