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] I suggest to include in this section since it
] was used to build (cf
] and has many features oriented towards
] querying, publishing and consuming RDF.

I would be interested in reading a bit more about the implementation
details, is the cubicweb system running on top of an existing database
or is the data taken and transformed and stored (cached, more or less)
in a dedicated database for cubicweb? If the latter, how are updates
to the original data handled?

] Disclaimer: my company is the main contributor to that piece of free software.

I would suggest an extra paragraph to the web application frameworks
section like,

    There are several commonly used frameworks that can be used to
    publish linked data, such as Django and Ruby on Rails. Cubicweb is
    one such framework that is specifically designed with RDF
    publishing in mind and some frameworks such as Pylons are
    sufficiently modular that they can be used with native RDF storage
    in place of a relational database.

(the last bit is how we implemented

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