Re: Non- and Partial-FRBR Metadata

Quoting Ross Singer <>:

> You'll notice that in my example I didn't use
> dcterms:hasVersion/isVersionOf, but rather rda:workManifested (which,
> actually, looking more closely at it, doesn't seem right either: "A
> work embodied in a manifestation." with no range -- implying a
> literal?).

Which does not exclude a URI, AFAIK, but essentially there are few  
ranges declared in RDA, and some of us think that an application  
profile would be the place to create a more specific declaration of  
the properties. It may be best to think of the RDA properties as a  
base on which actual profiles can be built.


p.s. RDA instructs you to use an identifier (type unspecified) or to  
place a citation ("Smith, John. His book. NY, Pub1, 2009") in "linking  
fields", that is fields that reference another resource.

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