Re: terminology page on wiki

On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 5:19 PM, Karen Coyle <> wrote:

> I have placed the library terminology page on the public wiki:
> It is linked from the front page of the wiki, and I set it up so that
> other terminologies could be added as well (e.g. linked data
> terminology).
> I'm leaving it informal for now.
> You must have a W3C login to edit this, but anyone can request a login
> that allows them to edit public pages:
> If you are puzzled by a term that you find in library discussions,
> feel free to add it here, and someone will probably come along and
> define it for you. If you want to edit what I've done, go for it! This
> is a wiki, right?
Karen, thank you so much for doing this.  I think this will prove incredibly

Taking you up on this, I added a heading for "tracings and references"
(although maybe these should be two different headings?).  You'll note I
didn't define it  :)


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