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as you correctly said, this isn't a json ld issue. json ld is just
syntax, what you describe is an issue of defining the right vocabulary. 

Value constraints is a standard in OWL(1). OWL ontologies can be
expressed in RDF (though there are alternatives) ie, in any RDF syntax
ie, in json ld. 

However. To _check_ deployed data involves then what is called OWL
reasoners, which are fairly compex pieces of software. This is why introduced its own, possibly simpler though less rich
versions the can be checked with a processors. I am not a
great expert of the vocabulary; I think you should their
mailing list to get more details. 




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On 2020-03-09 21:16, James Hudson wrote:

> Hello, 
> Since people have been tolerant of my trivial questions so far, I thought I would try another. 
> I am not certain this necessarily a json-ld question...and if not, I will go elsewhere for help. 
> I have been using [1] as a good(?) example of how to define a vocabulary as I think about my own.  
> Let's say that I have a property that is required to be a value between 0 and 100 because it expressed a percentage of a total. How might I express this in my dictionary? I see that [1] defines which has minValue and maxValue properties, but I don't see an example. If I were to guess, I would guess that I would subclass from QuantitativeValue and then define my term where the maxValue and minValue are fixed numbers. 
> My second (and somewhat related) question is how to handle the notion of a "required" property. I see which allows one to define on which terms a property is used. Imagine I would need to extend the definition of domainIncludes a bit to have a property called "required" which would be either true or false and have an implied default of false. 
> Does any of this sound right?  
> Regards, 
> James


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