Re: canonical representation

Hi all,

one of the issues we currently discuss in the RDFJS Representation Task
Force [1] is a canonical representation for triples/quads and their
components. I proposed to use the N-Triples representation [2] if there
is a definition (the specification contains also a interface for
variables). One of the reasons for me is the RDF Dataset Normalization
[3]. It would be nice, if we could reuse the canonical method for this
use case. But the normalization specification doesn't define the
serialization. The N-Triples format would allow to escape literals in
different ways. Therefore a unique way to escape literals must be defined.

It would be great if the JSON-LD and RDFJS group could work together on
that topic and to specify common definition. Please join the discussion
here on the mailing list or on the gitter room [4].



Am 04.01.2016 um 09:48 schrieb Ruben Verborgh:
> Dear all,
> As part of the specification for JavaScript RDF library interoperability,
> we aim to create a method or property for a "canonical representation"
> of triples/quads and their components. We would like your input for this.
> For example, consider the triple (Turtle notation):
>     PREFIX schema: <>
>     <> schema:url "".
> A JavaScript library will represent this in memory in some way.
> With the current proposal, the following will be possible:
>     console.log(triple.subject.value)      // ""
>     console.log(triple.subject.termType)   // "iri"
>     console.log(triple.predicate.value)    // ""
>     console.log(triple.predicate.termType) // "iri"
>     console.log(triple.object.value)       // ""
>     console.log(triple.object.termType)    // "literal"
> Note in particular that subject.value and object.value are the same strings,
> even though subject and object are different entities.
> Also note that it taks two property accesses to fully capture an entity
> (even more in case of a literal, which might have a datatype or language).
> Therefore, we want to introduce a property or method
> that returns a string which uniquely represents an entity / triple / quad.
> There must be a 1-to-1 correspondence between
> such a representation and an entity / triple / quad.
> A (fictitious) example of how this could work:
>     console.log(triple.subject.getCanonicalRepresentation()) // "<>"
>     console.log(triple.object.getCanonicalRepresentation()) // "^^"
> Note how the representation is different for IRIs and literals,
> even if they have the same value.
> Note also that this representation is _not_ Turtle or N-Triples,
> since these formats can only express full triples.
> Moreover, our library aims to support variables,
> which are not available in these formats.
> What we are looking for is:
>  a name for this method or property
>     current suggestions include .toCanonical() and .toNT()
>  values this method or property should return
>      e.g., "IRIs are surrounded by angular brackets"
> We appreciate your take on this.
> Best regards and my best wishes for 2016,
> Ruben

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