Re: [FHIR JSON-LD] Possible to specify namespace of object node in @context?

On 3/13/15 5:18 PM, Dave Longley wrote:
> Try changing your context to:
> {
>    "@context": {
>       "@base": "http://example/base/",
>       "@vocab": "http://example/vocab#",
>       "fhir": "http://example/fhir#",
>       "rdf": "",
>       "resourceType": {
>          "@id": "rdf:type",
>          "@type": "@vocab"
>       },
>       "Observation": {"@id": "fhir:Observation"}
>    }


Nice example ( re., from your exchange with David Booth).

It would beneficial for this kind of example to makes its way into the  
JSON-LD spec examples collection. Even if its just an example that 
covers conversion of RDF-TURTLE to JSON-LD.

The nature of JSON-LD's @context and TURTLE's @prefix directives are 
important to efforts that convert, in either direction.


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Received on Friday, 13 March 2015 22:02:28 UTC