Re: [FHIR JSON-LD] Possible to specify namespace of object node in @context?

On 03/13/2015 04:56 PM, David Booth wrote:
> Is it possible to use @context to generate the type of b:obs123 as 
> fhir:Observation instead of b:Observation?

Try changing your context to:

    "@context": {
       "@base": "http://example/base/",
       "@vocab": "http://example/vocab#",
       "fhir": "http://example/fhir#",
       "rdf": "",
       "resourceType": {
          "@id": "rdf:type",
          "@type": "@vocab"
       "Observation": {"@id": "fhir:Observation"}

Note the changes were "@type" becomes "@vocab" instead of "@id" for 
"resourceType". This enables vocabulary processing on values of 
"resourceType" vs. only URL processing. Then, an entry was added for 
"Observation" that points it at the right vocabulary term.

Dave Longley
Digital Bazaar, Inc.

Received on Friday, 13 March 2015 21:18:23 UTC