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>> Maybe someone on this list has a few spare cycles...
> What is the plan? What needs to be done? Why?
> Scanning the various CMS pieces, it looks like there is lots of people trying
> but no real recent momentum. Correct me if I am wrong.
> I have played with editable content areas in the past (10+ years ago) and the approach
> has merit. Never looked at combining it with semantic web tech as understanding of it was still early.
> I have a background in PHP and now code mostly JS. I am looking at combining the two again this and next year as I will be releasing open source tooling for PHP built using JS.
> I may be interested in some of this work. If so I would take over create.js as part of one of my other projects and evolve it to be more generic and more compatible with other projects. But this would make sense for me only if I can create momentum in the community again (ultimately bringing exposure to my other open source tooling which is all about the open web) which assumes that what is missing is primarily a fresh direction by lifting it out of the Midgard ecosystem and refining the idea.

We have integrated it into the Symfony CMF framework. Here is our “sandbox” demo project using create.js:

Since the Sylius shop system uses the Symfony CMF for content elements, they effectively also use create.js

I think in terms of momentum I think the main thing missing at this point is more active maintenance and the results will become visible to at least the Symfony community very quickly. Given how many CMS have adopted Symfony in the last 2-3 years, there are a lot of opportunities there alone. That being said, I would hope to grow it out of Symfony and PHP for that matter to Python, Ruby etc. as well.

> I am new to JSON-LD, RDFa, graph databases and other linked data concepts and would take this as an opportunity to learn from others deeply entrenched and in return bring my development workflow and program composition experience to new semantic web tooling.
> For the benefit of this list, and my understanding, please provide as much context as you can and where you see things going. What role will JSON-LD play? What needs to be done ideally and minimally? What are the timelines? What are other people working on?

So right now create.js is actually a combination of multiple separate libraries. For one there is vie.js which parses RDFa and creates a binding to backbone.js. JSON-LD is then used to communicate changes back and forth between the browser and the server as its a more compact format that can however maintain the semantic information embedded as part of the RDFa.

Now what needs to be done next is kind of up to you. Interesting topics to work on from the top of my head:
- better i18n support (ie. making it easier to use create.js to translate UIs in-line)
- finish the workflow support (making it possible for the server to inform the browser that changes submitted require some choices within a workflow system, like who should review the changes)
- adding some alternative choices to backbone.js

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