How to define context for new (custom) properties of JSON document

I I have read json-ld spec @ but one thing
I'm having a hard time understanding how to define context for properties
(keys) that doesn't have a standard ontology yet defined by

I created json-ld playground link (with example of json-ld document and
context) that should explain better what I'm trying to achieve @

Also note in json-ld playground, the expanded/compact/flattened/etc format
doesn't display 'twitterId' property which I have assigned the value of
null in context-document. Why is this?

Is there a way to address this problem, or do I need to define my own IRI
for custom properties until standardized version becomes available and then
I gradually introduce new ones while keeping the old ones for backward

Also, in expanded format, I lose that the image is gravatarImage not just
any image. Since I couldn't find corresponding IRI for gravatarImage on is there a way that I can preserve concept of gravatarImage in
the expanded payload.


P.S: Yes, I can model twitterId, linkedinId etc as Url but I'm just using
these as an example to represent databaseIDs which are not urls per say.

Received on Saturday, 25 October 2014 12:12:22 UTC