RE: How does JSON-LD relate to JSON Schema?

Hi Simon,

On Monday, October 06, 2014 3:20 PM, Simon Heimler wrote:
> I've worked with JSON Schema for a while and am wondering how it
> relates to JSON-LD.

This has already been discussed several times... have you had a look at the mailing list archives [1]? Here's one thread that might answer all your questions:

> Of course JSON-LD is about semantics and having URI's to identify
> things. JSON Schema is more about describing a data format in general
> - similar to XML-Schema. (JSON Schema could be use to describe JSON-
> LD).

Yep, have a look at this

>  I think both are good for auto-generating API's, Documentation
> and making data more machine readable etc.
> But I'm not completely sure how both relate to eachother. Can JSON-LD
> be used to substitute JSON Schema? What are your opinions on that?

They serve different purposes. The short version is: JSON-LD give JSON messages a well-defined meaning by mapping most things to IRIs. JSON Schema describes the syntactic structure of a JSON document. Both work with JSON so you can use them together.



Markus Lanthaler

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