JSON Schema (json-schema.org) support?

It strikes me that JSON-LD and JSON Schema are quite complementary. The
first provides context, metadata, and a standard graph traversal mechanism.
The second provides a way to describe and validate a given JSON object.

What is the canonical or recommended way in a JSON document with JSON-LD
properties to refer to the location of a JSON Schema document that
validates it?

For example:

  @id: "http://example.com/eshao",
  @context: "http://example.com/Person.jsonld",
  @schema: "http://example.com/Person_schema.json",
  name: "Edwin",

If there is no canonical way currently (which seems to be the case), I
would suggest including one in the upcoming spec, perhaps creating a new
@schema keyword.

Thanks for your help and attention.

- Edwin

Received on Thursday, 15 August 2013 14:24:14 UTC