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Hi Pavlik,

On 6 Okt 2014 at 11:30, ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ wrote:
> I just created an issue in AS2.0 repository which *might* also relate in
> some ways to this topic:
> "as:Link from Linked Data perspective + comparing with hydra:Link"

hydra:Link is the class representing the set of properties that are links. As you probably know, in RDF IRIs are identifiers and don't necessarily have to be dereferenceable. hydra:Link along with hydra:Resource makes it understandable to a machine which of those identifiers are also locators. Currently, the best you can do is to blindly try to dereference all identifiers and check which do reference and which don't.

The examples you posted are OK from my perspective but the type as:Link is misleading IMO. A link is the arc that connects two resources. It is not the target resource. Thus, I would propose to replace as:Link with something like as:WebResource or hydra:Resource.

> My apologies if I simply miss some basic understanding here, I also hope
> folks participating in Linked JSON CG will not find it out of topic!

I think this is relates much more to Hydra than to JSON-LD in general. Thus I removed public-linked-json and added public-hydra instead.

> I would very much appreciate any help with clarifying those issues
> around usage key/value & predicate/subject|object
> Also pointers to other resources explaining link relations from Linked
> Data perspective (or appropriate mailing lists to asks about it) would
> come of big help.

You might find a paper about Hydra I wrote a while ago of interest [1]. Keep in mind that some of Hydra's details changed since its publication.


Markus Lanthaler

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