Re: UniProt RDF as JSON-LD please test and give feedback,

On 3/19/14 12:56 PM, Jerven Bolleman wrote:
> UniProt is one of the largest life science databases, linked to more than another 150 databases. It has had an RDF serialisation since 2005 and now a JSON-LD one as well.
> This is now public, but not yet announced. One can see an example here  and a simpler one
> It is very similar to our other RDF serializations, except for evidence tagging (provenance of an annotation). In the RDF/XML & Turtle this is done with reification and in JSON-LD with graphs.

Vapour Report:

-- this is the option whereby the system tries to understand what the 
document describes i.e., the relation that associates the document with 
the entity it describes

-- basic test of the JSON-LD

-- via URIBurner  which can process generic JSON and apply some 
sense-making heuristics based on document content and containment 
relations .

Hope that helps :-)



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