framing and @reverse - java implementation proposal

Hello all,

I am using jsonld-java in a project to expose content of a triple store to
a webapp using a legacy JSON object structure.
To achieve that, i use framing, and I need a context with @reverse

I have implemented two features for which I would like to get feedback from
this mailing list :
 1. the support for @reverse properties in the framing algorithm
 2. an extension of the compacting algorithm to allow the definition of
multiple reverse statements for the same property, but different target

In particular, the second feature involves an extension of the spec that
re-uses the @type property of reverse statements. I would need confirmation
from people with a deeper understanding of the spec that this is a correct

These features are available in the fork .
Tests for both features are in
Inputs, frames and outputs for both tests are in
(framing-reverse-*.jsonld) .

thank you,
best regards,


Received on Monday, 28 July 2014 21:16:33 UTC