Re: where to put json-ld context for LDP

On 7/28/14 2:35 PM, Andreas Kuckartz wrote:
> Sandro Hawke:
>> >(Someday I'll get over my frustration at the use of the word "context"
>> >to mean "data mapping" or "json-ld config".  Someday.)
> Simply using "@context" might also help;-)
> Cheers,
> Andreas


"@context" still signals the mercurial notion of "context" in the human 

Sandro makes a valid point, but its the kind of point that needs 
fleshing out via an actual document on this mercurial subject. For now, 
I think, it's safe to assume that "@context" signifies "JSON-LD 
worldview" or " JSON-LD lenses" that materializes when you lookup the 
"@context" document URI/URL.


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