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> Subject: New Year's Resolutions / Next steps
> Hi all,
> I hope you all had a good vacation and enjoyed some time off. We
> already had quite a number of very interesting discussions and
> discovered a number of issues. I plan to update the spec with we have
> been discussing in the coming weeks and add issue markers for the rest.
> Then I'd like to officially publish a first public working draft as
> community group (hopefully by the end of January). Let me know If
> there's anything else that should be mentioned/fixed/clarified that
> isn't listed as issue at
> When that's done, I would like to create a simple homepage so that
> there's something else than my personal site we can point people to.
> I've registered some time ago but there's nothing there
> yet. Is there someone who would like to help to make this happen?
> Finally, I would like to focus a bit more on tools (like the
> HydraConsole) and libraries. Probably mostly written in JavaScript so
> that they are usable in both the browser and the server. Any volunteers
> on that front?
> Cheers,
> Markus
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