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Re: JSON-LD browser extensions

From: John Walker <john.walker@semaku.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 10:42:57 +0200
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To: Olivier Rossel <olivier.rossel@gmail.com>
Hi Olivier,

Yes something along those lines.
Would also be good if the keys in the JSON were rendered as hyperlinks to the URI they resolve to, so a user can easily lookup the definition of the property. I think that would highlight a big advantage of JSON-LD over other formats that add hyperlinks to JSON like HAL and JSON API.



On 31 Dec 2014, at 08:28, Olivier Rossel <olivier.rossel@gmail.com> wrote:

> Something like http://search.datao.net/?q=tom+cruise ?
> Envoyé de mon iPhone
>> Le 31 déc. 2014 à 07:11, John Walker <john.walker@semaku.com> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> There are several extensions available for Chrome, FF etc. that pretty print JSON. Some even make URLs into clickable links (guess based on matching some regex).
>> However (to my knowledge) none of these support JSON-LD.
>> I reckon it'd be pretty cool to have something like this for JSON-LD that would make any @id values into a clickable link to allow easier browsing around JSON-LD resources (or an API). I think it would show that it is a native hypermedia format and would help sell the idea to developer community.
>> Does such a thing exist and I missed it? Otherwise is anyone interested to develop something. If not, I will put in a feature request for the existing extensions to add support for JSON-LD.
>> Regards,
>> John
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