Re: edge attributes in JSON-LD

This is an example of using bnode properties to define a property graph I worked up before:

{"@id": "", "@type": "rdf:BoundDataset"},
{"@id": "v1", "name": "joe", "age": 27, "_:created": "v3", "_:knows": "v2"},
{"@id": "v2", "name": "fred", "age": 29},
{"@id": "v3", "name": "code", "lang": "javascript"},
{"@id": "_:created", "rdfs:subPropertyOf": "created", "weight": 0.4}
{"@id": "_:knows", "rdfs:subPropertyOf": "knows", "weight": 0.5}

Gregg Kellogg

On Jul 24, 2013, at 6:53 PM, "Shakeri, Cirrus" <> wrote:

> Thanks Markus and Gregg. I’ll try Gregg’s idea of using blank nodes.
> I think following a  ‘convention’ might also help in terms of interpreting the JSON-LD data for property graphs:
> 1.            Use blank nodes exclusively for representing edges that have attributes
> 2.            By convention use the sub-property named ‘To’ in the blank node to point to the target node
> 3.            Do not use in-line definition for target nodes (i.e., nesting)
> Any comment?
> Note: The Feature at Risk #3 in the latest spec says: “the Working Group may decide to disallow blank node properties in JSON-LD”. Could this cause problem?
> Regards,
> Cirrus Shakeri

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