Re: LevelGraph and JSONLD

HI Matteo and Markus

this is very interesting from my point of view: i'm really busy at the
moment so in the short period i am not able to propose anything, or i had
proposed to contribute myself :-)

do you know the fresnel project?

it is a bit older, but it was used to introduce framing in the sense of
"facet template design" (roughly speaking) for longwell project, some year
ago... i think this could give some suggestion for the implementation part

2013/7/18 Matteo Collina <>

> 2013/7/18 Markus Lanthaler <>
>> On Wednesday, July 17, 2013 5:27 PM, Matteo Collina wrote:
>> >> It would probably make sense to somehow integrate framing [1] so that
>> you
>> >> can query for data and return in a specific form to simplify its
>> processing.
>> >
>> > That will be super, but I am not sure how to implement.
>> > Albeit powerful, the whole framing business is somewhat to me (and the
>> doc
>> > does not help).
>> > Could you please make an example?
>> The idea is that you can "query" the data and return it in a specific
>> shape.
>> For example, I could write a frame like (omitting the context for
>> simplicity):
>> {
>>   "@type": "foaf:Person",
>>   "foaf:made": {
>>     "@type": "foaf:Document"
>>   }
>> }
>> That would return all Persons that made one or more documents.
>> While the (outdated) spec filters only based on @type my implementation
>> allows you to filter on any property. The more interesting part though is
>> that you won't get a flattened result but a result in a user-specified
>> tree
>> structure.
>> Does that clarify it a bit?
> I got the principle and the possibility intrigues me a lot, and it seems
> feasible to implement it on top of LevelGraph-JSONLD as a query language.
> I still do not get what the output might be, given some input documents
> and a frame.
> After I have a full example I can write the support for it in
> LevelGraph-JSONLD.
> You should put a full framing example in the playground, and update the
> spec, too!
> If you want to build it yourself, you can do a pull-request or I can just
> give you committer access to LevelGraph-JSONLD :).
> Cheers,
> Matteo

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