JSON-LD - RDF alignment editorial issues

Here are the remaining editorial issues that I see about ensuring that 
the JSON-LD documents do not inadvertently imply that JSON-LD is not RDF.

In the main JSON-LD document:

s/Transformation from JSON-LD to RDF/Interpreting JSON-LD as RDF/g

s/extracted as RDF/interpreted as RDF/

s/Convert to RDF Algorithm/Algorithm to Convert JSON-LD to RDF Abstract 

s/JSON-LD to RDF converters/JSON-LD processors/

s/Transforming this to RDF/Transforming this to RDF abstract syntax/

In the APIs document there are too many small edits needed to 
productively list them all here.  I think it would be much more 
efficient if the editors could point me to the original source document 
so that I can directly edit a copy of that.  The editors can then view a 
diff and accept or reject the edits that I propose.

Could the editors please point me to the original API source document? 
I only see the HTML-rendered version when I access


Received on Tuesday, 9 July 2013 18:28:15 UTC