Advancing publication of JSON-LD RECs

The JSON-LD CG met today to discuss future work. During this meeting we discussed the publication cycle for pushing JSON-LD to REC. Note that all voting has completed, and, pending the publication of PR versions of Concepts and Semantics, there's no technical work needed.

There are a number of organizations using JSON-LD who have products or internal projects dependent on it's being a Recommendation; delaying publication unnecessarily represents a strain on these organizations.

Up until now, I believe the thinking of the WG was to bring JSON-LD to REC along with the other RDF specs, but the CG believes that it is more important to bring JSON-LD to REC sooner.

The CG made the following resolution:

RESOLVED: Propose that the RDF WG petition the Director to take JSON-LD to Recommendation immediately after the publication of the Proposed Recommendations for the RDF 1.1 work.

Accordingly, I'd like to add to the agenda the following proposal:

PROPOSED: The RDF WG recommends the Director take JSON-LD and JSON-LD to Recommendation immediately following the publication of RDF11-CONCEPTS and RDF11-MT as Proposed Recommendations.

Gregg Kellogg

Received on Tuesday, 17 December 2013 16:25:43 UTC