Re: Defining a common convention for marking up JSON

On 8/28/13 9:40 AM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> On 08/27/2013 04:51 PM, Michael Pizzo wrote:
>> Would the JSON-LD community be open to working with the OData
>> community to agree on a standard, extensible, namespaced mechanism
>> that all JSON-based formats could use to extend JSON?
> Yes, most definitely. :)
>> We have a real opportunity to align efforts here in defining a common
>> convention for marking up JSON payloads.
> +1 for alignment.
>> JSON-LD adds markup to JSON payloads by defining a set of keywords
>> that begin with the @ symbol. JSON-LD parsers understand these
>> keywords and treat them differently than other properties.
> Keep in mind that we can 'alias' keywords in JSON-LD. Markus explained
> how this can be done in his previous email. So, I would imagine that
> we're further along wrt. alignment than you may think we are.
> I think all that may be required is the definition of a JSON-LD Context
> that aliases certain namespaced values in OData.
> Creating an OData flag for JSON-LD 1.1/2.0 processors may also be an
> interesting discussion to have. That might allow people using JSON-LD
> libraries to consume both OData and JSON-LD using the same library.
> Would you have some time to join us on one of the JSON-LD teleconference
> calls to hash out a couple of ideas?
> -- manu

Micheal: Nice to see you reaching out here, this is alignment is really 


Some background, Micheal was very instrumental to the ODBC (Open 
Database Connectivity) standard that enables Open Databases Connectivity 
across Relational Databases. Myself (and many others) collaborated with 
Micheal (representing Microsoft) on this standard some 20 years ago.

In OData, JSON-LD, and other formats for encoding entity relationship 
graphs, we are on the verge of standardizing Open Data Connectivity that 
scales to the Web and Internet :-)



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