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Hello Sir,

On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 2:14 PM, Markus Lanthaler

> Thanks for your update Vikash,
> a few comments/questions:
>  - how complete is the context? It looks quite small, are
> those really all terms? Is it generated automatically or manually?

I think its more or or less complete in my opinion. It does look small but
has a decent number for fields comparing People, Places and Events and
@vocab. So upon expansion we would have quiet a number of fields that can
used in sync to the creator app.

This is manually written but is a valid json.

>  - No need to wait, just file the PR but write in the PR that it shouldn't
> be merge before the other PR is merged just in case someone else than Manu
> is looking at it. We will then merge them at the same time


>  - No need to wait for the new context URI to update the creator tool, we
> will merge everything at once. So make sure everything is in place. We
> won't merge anything incomplete.

Ok. infact, I was thinking the very same and as a result, was worried for
the same :-)

>  - The LinkedIn API key isn't confidential, right? So it's probably the
> easier to use the first solution you proposed

Yes, as the keys arent confidential and will be visible directly in source
in any way so I thought the first way would be simpler and easier.


> Cheers,
> Markus
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> Markus Lanthaler
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> Subject: Weekly Updates
> Hello Everyone,
> I hope this email finds everyone in a good shape.
> • JSON-LD Context -> This part is majorly done and PR [1] is
> awaited to be merged. The context uses @vocab and the legacy terms
> (plural's) are also now removed. So from my end I believe its ready to
> merged. If you see any necessary changes please let me know. I will fix
> them right away :-)
> • redirection -> Once the above is merged, I will file a PR [2],
> so that it can be used in creator tools and the LinkedIn App.
> • JSON-LD Creator Tool -> Firstly the JSON-LD output displays the entire
> context which is not good, so as I have to reference the @context to
> which will them redirect to /contexts/ has do
> be done. This can be progressed only after the [1] is merged. Widgets like
> datepicker (from jquery UI) has to added and in addition to that, regex and
> validations are left in here. Also, the changes have to live in output from
> form has also to be done. But I plan to do this in a while, so
> unfortunately currently its in a half baked state. But I will do it by the
> end of the week.
> • LinkedIn App -> I have started exploring the LinkedIn API [3]. The API
> is being called [4] and I am getting good so far [6]. But there are
> protocol issues from localhost to LinkedIn [5]. I have one query here.
> There are 2 ways of handling the different API keys on localhost and
> json-ld server.
> o The most naive way would be using this - apiKey =
> (window.location.hostname == "localhost") ? 'LocalHostApiKey' :
> 'JSON-LDHostApiKey'
> o The second way would be using a config file and store the apiKey there.
> And then this config file is added in .gitignore. So that we have a
> different config file on server and localhost, but still same variables can
> be used all the time,
> o So which do you think should be used from the above options? Or if you
> have something much more better than please share.
> • Also, unfortunately in the recent times, a few misunderstanding had
> gathered but I am glad, everything is right back on track and schedule.
> Also things are going good on my end and as the PR's are merged, thing will
> keep moving ahead :-) and the over head would be resolved :)
> Regards
> ~Vikash
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> [2] -
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