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Thanks for your update Vikash,

a few comments/questions:
 - how complete is the context? It looks quite small, are those really all terms? Is it generated automatically or manually?
 - No need to wait, just file the PR but write in the PR that it shouldn't be merge before the other PR is merged just in case someone else than Manu is looking at it. We will then merge them at the same time
 - No need to wait for the new context URI to update the creator tool, we will merge everything at once. So make sure everything is in place. We won't merge anything incomplete.
 - The LinkedIn API key isn't confidential, right? So it's probably the easier to use the first solution you proposed


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Hello Everyone, 

I hope this email finds everyone in a good shape.
• JSON-LD Context -> This part is majorly done and PR [1] is awaited to be merged. The context uses @vocab and the legacy terms (plural's) are also now removed. So from my end I believe its ready to merged. If you see any necessary changes please let me know. I will fix them right away :-) 
• redirection -> Once the above is merged, I will file a PR [2], so that it can be used in creator tools and the LinkedIn App. 
• JSON-LD Creator Tool -> Firstly the JSON-LD output displays the entire context which is not good, so as I have to reference the @context to which will them redirect to /contexts/ has do be done. This can be progressed only after the [1] is merged. Widgets like datepicker (from jquery UI) has to added and in addition to that, regex and validations are left in here. Also, the changes have to live in output from form has also to be done. But I plan to do this in a while, so unfortunately currently its in a half baked state. But I will do it by the end of the week.
• LinkedIn App -> I have started exploring the LinkedIn API [3]. The API is being called [4] and I am getting good so far [6]. But there are protocol issues from localhost to LinkedIn [5]. I have one query here. There are 2 ways of handling the different API keys on localhost and json-ld server. 
o The most naive way would be using this - apiKey = (window.location.hostname == "localhost") ? 'LocalHostApiKey' : 'JSON-LDHostApiKey'
o The second way would be using a config file and store the apiKey there. And then this config file is added in .gitignore. So that we have a different config file on server and localhost, but still same variables can be used all the time, 
o So which do you think should be used from the above options? Or if you have something much more better than please share.
• Also, unfortunately in the recent times, a few misunderstanding had gathered but I am glad, everything is right back on track and schedule. Also things are going good on my end and as the PR's are merged, thing will keep moving ahead :-) and the over head would be resolved :)

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