Work with ~JSON-LD~ and GSoC 2013

Hello Everyone,

I am Vikash Agrawal. Currently I am at a very early stage for contributing
to JSON-LD and W3C.

Recently I was going through the GSoC orgs/ideas and fortunately I found an
idea which I firmly believe is aligned with my skill-sets :)

Certainly, there is a scope for great learning too :)

Post that, I have been active in communications with Manu over IRC #json-ld
and I have written my draft for the proposal that I plan to submit very
soon. Manu Sir, has asked me to share the proposal publicly so that I can
receive constructive criticism and iterate it to a better one.

I would love to extend my sincere gratitude for helping me and guiding me
on long journey.

You can find my proposal here:

   - .txt. ->
   - .html ->

-------------------------------------- BEGIN PROPOSAL

Author: Vikash Agrawal <>

Table of Contents
1 Personal Details
2 Project Description
    2.1 Abstract
    2.2 Description
    2.3 What have you done so far with this idea
    2.4 Anticipated challenges
    2.5 Potential mentors
3 Schedule Of Deliverables
4 Open Source Development Experience
5 Work Experience
6 Academic Experience
    6.1 Academic Institution
    6.2 Current Program
    6.3 Anticipated Graduation
    6.4 GSoC for Credit
    6.5 References
7 Why W3C
    7.1 You're applying to work with the World Wide Web Consortium
(W3C) during GSoC because
    7.2 After GSoC, you envision your involvement with W3C will be:

1 Personal Details
  "attr"            "value"
  Name              Vikash Agrawal
  SkypeId           vikashagrawal1990
  IRC nick          vikash
  Github            []
  Twitter           [\_vikash]
  Phone             +91-9999 013 553
  College           Manipal Institute Of Technology, India
  Years Completed   3 Yrs Completed, 4th Year [Running]


2 Project Description

2.1 Abstract
   Linked Data describes a method of publishing structured which
   can be interlinked and makes data more useful.These are not
   intended to serve web pages rather they are used to share information between
   computers so that they can read and interpret easily. RDF,
   designed as meta data model is and has been used for Linking
   Data. One of the profound examples of its use can be seen in Facebook's
   Open Graph. The aim of my project is to conclude the final stages
   of JSON-LD [JSON - Linked - Data] [based upon JSON, as the name
   suggests] by making Schema's, Context, Applications that show
   JSON to JSON-LD conversions etc. JSON-LD is a light weight JSON-Linked
   Data that provides context to a data.

2.2 Description
   JSON-LD is at the final stage of standardization and is being
   actively developed at W3C. During GSoC I would do a wide-range of
   development not only over JSON-LD implementations but also for
   [] which will include UI/UX, a responsive
   design for the website, along with
   documentations, tutorials and yes! writing W3 specifications too.

   The Deliveribles will be :-
     1. A new and revamped website ([]) using
Twitter Bootstrap. The new
        [] will be more intituive and will
extensively rely
        upon the exisiting classes of Twitter Bootstrap. So far I
        believe I wont have to fiddle around with the LESS files of
        Bootstrap. So IMHO things will be prtetty easy.
        Also, as per the source file, all the major files will are in
        .html and a few in .PHP so integration wont be difficult at
        all. Moreover, during the course of development I would be using
        Dropbox to host the static websites, so that the changes can be
        seen easily.
     2. JSON-LD is based upon Context's described as per
        []. So next I would be writing all the
        necessary Context's along with the help of Manu Sir (mentor). This phase
        will be very useful for JSON-LD and applications relying upon
        these (in-future). This will also be used for conversion of JSON to
        JSON-LD. I believe these Contexts will find a good position in
        the specification too.
     3. Based on Context I plan to develop a JSON-LD creator for
        People, Places, events. This app will be hosted at
        []. This app will be majorly using
        Javascript for conversion of JSON to JSON-LD at client
        side. So far I believe a bit more of brainstorming has to be done on the
        app. For example, how the input JSON is received. If its through a
        <copy>-<paste> mechanism in text area then I believe there
        wont be much of hurdle. But in-case its a full fledged-app to
        get the json from an API, then there will be considerable
        amount of work. So from GSoC perspective, I intend to keep it
        a minimal one i.e a <copy> <paste> for JSON. So that the
        fucntionality and conversion can be easily visualized.
     4. Next I plan to develop a LinkedIN Application using the
        Javascript API, which will be hosted at
        [] to demonstrate the conversion of
        JSON to JSON-LD. For using the Javascript-api, I might have
        require commit rights of the site else I will have to register
        an applicaiton and work from localhost.
     5. By now, I expect to have a fair idea of working with JSON-LD,
        so I will do documentations where-ever necesary and write
        code-samples, examples and tutorial :)
     6. Revamping of  [] to end up looking
        like this: [] will be my next hack. As
        discussed the d3.js tree part at the bottom will be a brownie
        but I would love to try that as well.

2.3 What have you done so far with this idea
    1. So far I am reading the specification
    2. Trying out LinkedIn Javascript API and have registered an app
       on LinkedIn with the name of JSON-LD
    3. Understanding more of JSON-LD
    4. I plan to do a bit of revamping of the []
       before the Google Summer of Code, 2013 begins

2.4 Anticipated challenges
    1. Understanding Context's and writing them as per
    2. LinkedIn API
    3. Conversion of JSON to JSON-LD.
    4. Writing a W3C specification.

2.5 Potential mentors
Manu Sporny

3 Schedule Of Deliverables
  Week Number   Task
            1   UI/UX and revamping of [] using
Twitter Bootstrap
            2   Finalizing the new Website and starting to understand
the Context
            3   Understanding Context's and writing Contexts as per
            4   `===Writing Context's might continue==='
            8   Once Context's are over I will start working with
JSON-LD creator
            9   `===JSON-LD creator work continues==='
            5   Starting to work with LinkedIN API and working on JSON
            6   Conversion of JSON results from LinkedIn API to
            7   `===JSON to JSON-LD from LinkedIN might continue.==='
           10   Write Documentation and code-samples
           11   Writing Tutorials
           12   Revamping [] on the
lines of  []

1. Time-Line is subject to change during the actual development
process. Some tasks will have an early completion whereas others can
take more than expected.

2. There will be small brownie tasks like d3.js and few more so I
   would also try to accomplish that as well during GSoC.

4 Open Source Development Experience
I am FOSS enthusiast and I love contributing to Open-Source
projects. I am an active member of Linux Users Group, Manipal.
I manage and regularly attend activities held by Google Developers
Group.Being a Mozilla Rep I activly contribute to Mozilla and was
sponsored and invited to MozCamp
Asia held at Singapore by Mozilla in Nov 2012. I have also organized
and took around 10-12 workshops/sessions in various colleges and
events. I was also
selected as a speaker for this year POSSCON. But unfortunately I wasnt
able to deliver my talk.
I love and firmly believe in sharing of knowledge :-)

5 Work Experience
Foremost, I have a hands-on experience on all the technologies that
I believe will be involved during the course of development.

This will be my third GSoC participation.
  Year   Org       Proposal Link
  2012   Mozilla

Last year under Mozilla I was under the MDN team for writing
code-samples and examples in HTML5 and CSS3
[]. One of the major task
from the project was to read an understand major tags from W3
specification. So I do have an experience on the same too. Moreover I
have escalated my skills in HTML5 and CSS3 since then. Being the last
semester of my college, I was doing an internship at iDubba, where I
did quite a good amount of Front-End Development. As a result I have
good experience in Javascript. I have also worked on JS from server side
perspective (Node.js) as a reslut my skill-sets in JS has also
escalated. With respect to Twitter Bootstrap, I have a profound
experience in it as I have been using it extensively for the last 4
1. []
2. []
3. []

6 Academic Experience

6.1 Academic Institution
Manipal Institute Of Technology,
India - 576104

6.2 Current Program
B.E in Information and Communication Technology

6.3 Anticipated Graduation
Year - 2013

6.4 GSoC for Credit

6.5 References
1. Jean-Yves Perrier <>
2. Akshay KC <>
3. Sanjay Singh <>

7 Why W3C

7.1 You're applying to work with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
during GSoC because
For me W3C is the godfather of the web!
1. I wanted to learn the art of writing specifications and
   contributing to it from a long time, so this will give me an
   oppurtunity to do the same.
2. This projects will be a great learning experience for me.
3. An oppurtunity to meet Sir Tim Berners Lee and atleast have one common
   topic of discussion too :-)
4. Wish for
5. As my mentor pointed out, I may get an invitation to
   standards-making group which will be an added incentive.

7.2 After GSoC, you envision your involvement with W3C will be:
POST GSoC I will keep my contributions to W3C coming.
"Once Started, the flame wont go"

-------------------------------------- END PROPOSAL

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