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Hi Elf,

There exists a vCard mapping to RDF [1] which would make it very easy to write a JSON-LD context. So, your jCard could easily be transformed to valid JSON-LD:

   "@context": {
      "v": "",
      "VCard": "v:VCard",
      "fn": "v:fn",
      "nickname": "v:nickname",
      "email": { "@id": "v:email", "@type": "@id" },
      "tel": "v:tel",
      "Home": "v:Home",
      "Voice": "v:Voice",
      "value": "",
      "address": "v:adr",
      "street": "v:street-address",
      "postcode": "v:postal-code",
      "locality": "v:locality",
      "country": "v:country-name"
   "@id": "",
   "@type": "vCard:VCard",
   "fn": "Corky Crystal",
   "nickname": "Corks",
   "email": "",
   "tel": {
      "@type": ["Home", "Voice"],
      "value": "+61 7 5555 5555"
   "address": {
      "@type": "Home",
      "street": "111 Lake Drive",
      "postcode": "5555",
      "locality": "WonderCity",
      "country": "Australia"

Please note that you are free to define how your fields are named in the context. I simplified some here, e.g., "street-address" to just "street" and made sure you don't have to use prefixes. If you would be fine with using prefixes such in v:address in your JSON-LD documents the context could be simplified to something like:

  "@context": {
    "v": "",
    "v:email": { "@type": "@id" },
    "r:value": ""

The document would then look as follows:

The advantage of using JSON-LD in this instance is that you could easily integrate data coming from RDF/XML, Turtle, RDFa (embedded in Websites) into your system.


Hope this helps,

Markus Lanthaler

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> hi, would someone like to share suggestions about using JSON-LD
> with/insteadOf jCards? thank you! :)
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> As far as we have discussed this now (mostly in the channel and in
> RL), we have settled on using JSON representations of hCards/vCards,
> called jCards, pretty much like
> Those can (for example) be generated with the vCardJS[1] library.
> Now as there's been some talk about using JSON-LD at various points,
> we should probably think about using that in the contacts category as
> well. There seems to be a @context for people[2]. We could just use
> that. I have only scanned through that briefly, and am not sure yet,
> whether all info from vCards can be mapped to person.jsonld (and/or
> vice versa). But to me JSON-LD seems more sophisticated than jcards
> (which are only very loosely defined).
> Anyone else any thoughts?
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