Re: comments/questions on JSON-LD spec (but _not_ for the CG->WG transition!)

On 17/06/12 22:57, Pat Hayes wrote:
> The arguments for JSON were, as I recall, that it provided a*simpler*
> notation for RDF than, say, RDF/XML, and that it was very*natural*
> to use JSON to express RDF structure. If this example is typical, I
> would run screaming from JSON and stick to RDF/XML as a standard.

JSON-LD is closer in intent to RDFa - in this case, it adds (makes 
explicit) semantics of a JSON document while retaining the JSON 
document.  Like RDFa, you can encode a graph in JSON-LD but there are 
compromises - the data models are not the same so there is additional 
line noise. If your purpose is to transfer RDF from A to B, you will be 
better off using Turtle.


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