New JSON-LD Syntax and Algorithms editor's drafts

I've just published two time-stamped Editor's Drafts for the JSON-LD 1.0
Syntax and Algorithms specs. A link to a diff since the last version is
included in each document. They can be found here:

JSON-LD 1.0 Syntax:

JSON-LD 1.0 Algorithms:

The date is the 25th because the diffs for the specs are lit up like a
Christmas tree. :P

Markus Lanthaler has been doing a heroic editing job over the past two
months. I believe that all issues for JSON-LD Syntax 1.0 have been
resolved. Editing isn't complete as we still need to make a few more
passes over the document to ensure that things are solid. We also
haven't heard back from some of the commenters on whether the changes we
made were acceptable to them.

The JSON-LD API 1.0 document is also very close to finalized. We have 5
fairly trivial issues that need to be resolved:

We hope to get this done in the month of January. We have been in
feature-freeze for a while now and do not expect any new features in the
spec. The operation of the algorithms may change slightly before Last
Call, but that's mostly to ensure that we're producing reasonable output
across all of our use cases. So, I can finally say that we feel fairly
comfortable with the Algorithms/API spec now as well.

These documents will continue to be edited throughout January and we
hope to transition to Last Call at the end of January 2013. I urge
everybody that is interested in these specifications to read them paying
particular attention to the changes made to address the RDF WGs
concerns. The publication date will probably slip if new issues are
raised by the RDF WG based on the edits that have been made over the
past 2.5 months. I expect that things won't go as smoothly as I hope
they will. :P

Here is a high-level overview of the changes to JSON-LD Syntax:

* Added data annotations feature
* Added feature to explicitly ignore data
* Further alignment of the JSON-LD Data Model with the RDF Data Model
* Added "Relationship to RDF" section
* Updated grammar section to be more complete
* Outlined improvements over regular JSON that JSON-LD provides
* Added Conformance section
* Moved almost all normative text to JSON-LD Data Model and Grammar
* Simplified JSON-LD data model terminology
* Simplified language maps feature
* More alignment with RDF terminology

Here is a high-level overview of the changes to JSON-LD Algorithms:

* Split normative requirements between algorithms and API
* Placed the focus on the algorithms
* Refactored algorithms to include all features added to Syntax
* Added .flatten() API call
* Simplified error callback mechanism

-- manu

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