Re: Simplify "Multiple Typed Literals for a Single Property" (ISSUE-33)

On 09/29/2011 05:25 AM, Markus Lanthaler wrote:
>> In such case, I would probably se t the datatype in @coerce. While not
>> unreasonable, this would complicate the processing instructions a bit.
> True! Maybe we should just change the example to make more sense or, perhaps
> even better, drop it altogether.
> I thought quite a bit about it but I couldn't come up with a reasonable
> example for it so far.

A reasonable example - alternative payment methods for acquiring an 
asset that is for sale. For example, for our Community Supported 
Agriculture share of vegetables for one week out of the year, we can 
either pay $20 USD or work on the farm for 4 hours.

    "dc:title": "Weekly Vegetable Share (limit one per year)",
       {"@literal": "20", "@type": "iso4217:USD"},
       {"@literal": "4", "@type": "units:hours"}

This isn't the best example... but one could conceive of the above 
markup for a particular application. The better example is when you have 
multiple language strings for a single value:

       {"@literal": "Das Kapital", "@language": "de"},
       {"@literal": "Capital", "@language": "en"}

-- manu

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