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Fedora4 presentation summary Open Meeting

From: Andrew Woods <awoods@duraspace.org>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 10:20:28 -0400
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Here is the Fedora4 presentation summary:
Fedora4 is one of the LDP implementations supporting all three container
types: basic, direct, and indirect. It is an opensource repository
application supporting the library, archives and museums communities. These
repository/LDP stakeholders share specific interests in both the access of
resources as well as their backend preservation. The preservation of
resources not only concerns the bit-level integrity of the content
overtime, but also the durability of the APIs on which upper-level
applications are built. To those ends, Fedora4 strives to identify the most
appropriate standards towards which to channel the community's efforts and
implementations. LDP represents one of these core API standards for
defining the terminology and interaction models for
create/read/update/delete operations on a linked data server.

In the course of developing and using the Fedora4 LDP implementation,
certain ambiguities with the specification have surfaced as well as areas
where extension to the LDP interaction models and surrounding services
would be useful. The ambiguities should be addressed in the course of the
LDP working group's review of the specification during the next phase of
work. Although a number of specific examples of extensions could be
offered, instead of attempting to envelop these into the specification, a
more constructive approach to addressing this general need will be to
define a mechanism by which implementations define and advertise their own

In order to enable LDP implementations to define and expose their
interaction model and service extensions in a consistent way, as well as to
enable applications that build on top of these implementations to discover
these extensions in a consistent way, this proposal is for an addition to
the current LDP 1.0 Recommendation that defines the pattern for such
extensions. For context, interaction model extensions could include such
things as AuthZProtectedContainers, VersionedContainers, and
FixityResources. At the global LDP server level, LDPTransactions could be
an example of an implementation-specific service extension.

Any requests for additional information or clarification can be sent to

Andrew Woods
Fedora4 Technical Lead, Duraspace
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