Re: Getting to closure on the remaining issues - issue-92

Hi Kingsley,

> I've just read today's minutes, I note:
> [[
> PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-92 by changing rel=type to rel=profile for client
> introspection of interaction model
> ]]
> I am proposing the use of both rel=type and rel=profile as a solution to
> this problem. The detailed Turtle based description in my post basically
> triangulates to  the very point i.e., using one relation to establish
> the resource type and another to establish interaction modality.

The issue was explicitly about the interaction part, if possible
without using the resource type, hence the rel=profile proposal. We
have settled on using rel=type though. There is no plan to change


> Please digest what I've outlined, its how we can satisfy different
> developer profiles (i.e., RDF lite and RDF heavy).

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