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>> On 25 Sep 2013, at 14:25, John Arwe <> wrote:
>>> And if it does PUT things there, do
>>> they end up linked from anywhere?    What seems right to me, taking
>>> a stab in the dark, is that at LDPC can have some associated URL
>>> space, and if you do a PUT-to-create in that space, it's pretty much
>>> the same as POSTing to the LDPC.     So the new PUT URL ends up as a
>>> resource in the LDPC as well.

you snipped out an important part of my post which completely changes the meaning
of the following sentence:

>> This was closed in a hurry in Spain this summer. I don't think it was a
>> very considerate closing

My full paragraph was 

yes, that's an addition reaon for one of the proposals I put forward for an iContainer.

This was closed in a hurry in Spain this summer. I don't think it was a very considerate closing

As a result it is not at all clear what your next paragraph is an answer to.

> defining a "URI space" is not trivial, because typically, many more
> constraints apply than just a prefix: things such as allowing/disallowing
> multiple path segments, lengths of names/path-components, and
> allowed/disallowed character sets for the names. just as a reminder: this
> is why Slug exists, which allows clients (in this case with a POST to a
> collection) to suggest a path component, but still gives services the
> authority how to use that suggestion. if you don't do it that way, you
> have to at least have a model how a service rejects a certain URI choice
> to PUT to by a client.

I tend to agree that documents should be created on POST and not PUT,
and that is why I agree that Slugs are a good thing.

The natural thing is to have the iContainer be an LDPC that ends in a "/"
and that the namespace it is responsible for is everything up to the next

One can see this is deeply built into the URI RFC, with many examples such as
this one showing these namespaces.


PS. Can you please cite me correctly when you do, and not remove key parts
of my responses? 

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