Proposal: change 5.3.5 SHOULD to MUST

5.3.5 is a long-ish one that describes how a server that allocates members 
to container based based on some sorting scheme exposes the details of the 
sort order to clients.  5.3.5 is specifically about the collation aspect 
of this, which arises with datatypes like strings and dates; it re-uses 
SPARQL QUERY ORDER BY semantics.  The final sentence of 5.3.5 says that 
the server SHOULD omit the collation triple in cases where SPARQL QUERY 
says no collation applies (like integers). 

The proposal is to change that from SHOULD omit to MUST omit.
The proposal is a consequence of LC feedback recommending that we scrub as 
many conditionals as possible at least for the vanilla case; many of those 
already were covered by the previous "profiles" proposal.

Best Regards, John

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Received on Wednesday, 2 October 2013 12:53:53 UTC