issue-21 proposal

I propose that in addition to ldp:membershipPredicate, the spec should also support ldp:reverseMembershipPredicate.
See 5.2.5 and 5.5.2. This is a container-managed property, not intended for use in lDP resources.

5.2.5 A LDPC must contain one triple for the ldp:membershipPredicate or ldp:reverseMembershipPredicate predicate that indicates the predicate of the membership triple when the container predicate is notrdfs:member.

5.5.2 LDPC servers may allow updating LDPC non-membership properties using HTTP PUT on <containerURL>?non-member-properties, which may exclude server managed properties such as ldp:membershipSubject, ldp:membershipPredicate and ldp:reverseMembershipPredicate.

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