Re: ldp-ISSUE-49 (Canonical-URI): Canonical URL - how to communicate its value to clients

On Wed, 13 Mar 2013, John Arwe wrote:

>>  if you access the same resource via various URIs, these
>> are not the same resources (per definitionem).
> I'd agree that's the only safe assumption for a client in the absence of
> more information (from the server), but I think you're overstating the
> case.  3986 has an entire section on URI equivalence [1] that renders
> quite explicit the distinction between URIs (identifiers) and the
> resource(s) they identify.  Since the server that "owns" (provides access
> to) a resource *does* "have full knowledge or control" over it, it is in
> fact the only actor actually capable of authoritatively saying whether or
> not different URIs refer to the same resource.

To assess equivalence, as a client, you need to know that the owner of 
both resources is the same (or that both owners have an agreement and can 
be equally trusted), and that it declares that both resources are 
For the resource equivalence part, you can see the metalink ref I provided 
earlier. For the trust part...

> [1]
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