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>>>> Well, when you find the following HTML
>>>>  <form action="foo" method="foo">
>>>> at <bar>, do you believe it? Do you try and perform a POST on <foo>?
>>>> I guess the answer is the same: if you trust the source, then yes,
>>>> you're allowed to start interacting with <bar> as if it were an LDPC.
>> When a form is submitted, the processor (indicated by the 'action'
>> parameter) is doing something pretty similar to a LDPC. I suppose the
>> HTML equivalent of issue-73, would be "list all of requests that have
>> been processed". For me, this isn't very interesting because the
>> information I need is in the documents I am browsing.
> The semantics of <form> is defined in HTML, which tells the web
> browser what to do with it. I don't have any problem with that.

Good. So take the RDF semantics document
which defines the semantics of RDF syntaxes.

It defines truth as 

if E is a ground triple s p o. then I(E) = true if

s, p and o are in V, I(p) is in IP and <I(s),I(o)> is in IEXT(I(p))

otherwise I(E)= false.

So this is 

I ({ <log> a ldp:Container }) = true 

if <log>, rdf:type and ldp:Container are in V ( they are once transformed into absolute URLs )
I(rdf:type) is in IP - it is a property, so yes.
<I(<log>, I(ldp:Container> is in IEXT(I(rdf:type)) - well that depends on the the definition
of ldp:Container which is defined by the LDP spec
as explained by the definition of the ldp namespace document:

$ curl -H "Accept: text/turtle"

ldp:Container     a :Class;
         :comment """A Linked Data Platform Resource (LDPR) that also conforms to
    additional patterns and conventions for managing membership.
    Readers should refer to the specification defining this ontology for the list of 
    behaviors associated with it.""";
         :isDefinedBy ldp:;
         :label "Container";
         :subClassOf ldp:Resource;
         vs:term_status "unstable" .

and so the question is whether <log> indeed fulfills the restrictions defined
by LDP. It could be that the definition of the LDP spec is not complete enough to
make any intelligent distinction.... That is where the question should be.


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