Re: ISSUE-36: Summary of ways of making containers

hello henry.

On 2013-01-24 16:33 , "Henry Story" <> wrote:
>One could make the append rule more subtle for what I have
>called ldp:Content objects that I have talked  about today:
> A POST of a graph containing the triple:
>  <> a ldp:Container
>would create a new container resource. That seems
>quite plausible....

i was wondering whether we ever decided to have hierarchical collections,
and i couldn't find an issue for this, which was a bit surprising. is
there an issue and i did not find it? is it an open question we should
have an issue for? or is this decision a done deal we have made, and i
forgot about it?

the other (and independent) thing i am wondering about: if you say that a
client can "change" an entry to become a container this way, would you
also support a way to change it back again?

thanks and cheers,


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