Re: MKCOL for making collections

hello all.

On 2013-01-22 16:03 , "Henry Story" <> wrote:
>ISSUE-36: Can applications create new containers?
>We cannot make a collection by POSTing a doument on a collection, since
>creates a resource. We therefore would need a different HTTP Method to do

we do not need a different method. POST can do anything you want it to do,
the media type simply has to say what to POST to interact with the
resource in a variety of ways. POST is the catch-all for all non-safe
non-idempotent interactions and has no implied semantics.

personally, i'd advise against MKCOL and other HTTP add-ons other than
PATCH, since they usually are not very widely supported, and have been
specified with a rather narrow use case in mind.

but for now, just as clarification: POST is fine to use for whatever we
want to use it for; we can decide to use MKCOL, but there's no need to do
it that way.



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