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> hello all.
> sorry for holding things up a bit about ISSUE-33. i guess i am still
> wondering what ISSUE-33 is all about. as we have agreed, LDP is about an
> RDF service surface, so what we serve as resources apart from LDP protocol
> data can be anything. if we want to encourage people to implement servers
> that can handle large amounts of data (i.e., large resources), we should
> look at HTTP range requests and HTTP chunked encoding, and see if there is
> anything that cannot be accomplished with these mechanisms. if there is a
> specific RDF paging a server wants to implement, then i guess for LDP it
> only matters for containers when listing members. for members themselves
> it is not quite clear to me how pages would map to a proper resource
> model, if we're splitting up triples into "triple pages" (that's what i
> understood the non-container paging would be about). but i am still
> suspecting that i am missing something here, so like eric suggested, a use
> case and some explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Erik, I find the idea of doing things on the HTTP level quite interesting 
too. Could you describe or point to a description on how that would be 

From my point of view if paging is ok on a container as is, then it is
ok on a resource. But I have not yet analysed the current spec paging 

> thanks a lot and cheers,
> dret.

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