Re: ldp-ISSUE-10 (Guidance around ETags): Include clarifications and guidance around ETags [Linked Data Platform core]

On 04/02/13 11:58, Henry Story wrote:
> On 4 Feb 2013, at 11:53, Steve Battle<>  wrote:
>> To be clear _here_  (yes - I did raise etags in resource descriptions in
>> another context), we're recommending using weak ETags, not in resource
>> descriptions, but in the response header.
>> Can we agree that the use of weak ETags with RDF content should at least
>> be a best practice recommendation?
> +1 for best practice.
> Also while we are at it, is there a good efficient algorithm for calculating this?
> ( I suppose just the hash for the hash of every triples )

I'm not sure how this could deal efficiently with RDF, since there are 
some details to take into account: blank nodes, depth in the subgraph, 
outgoing triples only or also incoming, etc.

I've been briefly checking, and I didn't find so much out there, just a 
Perl implementation by Kjetil Kjernsmo:

I'd try to outline an algorithm and an implementation in Marmotta which 
could be added to the best practice document. So, Henry, maybe we can 
work together on it.


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