Re: Proposal to close ISSUE-59 (recursive-delete): Reconsider usage of Aggregate/Composite construct to get predictable container delete behavior

On 4/19/13 2:47 PM, Cody Burleson wrote:
> I prefer Henry's proposal of using ldp:contains in addition to 
> ldp:membershipPredicate or ldp:membershipPredicateInverse because it 
> provides a clear mechanism for properly managing resources.
> Without that, how would I be able to distinguish between resources 
> that a container actually owns and those which it simply refers to? I 
> would have to come up with some mechanism and this seems to be a 
> reasonable one, so why not just go with it and make it standard?
> -- 
> Cody

A directory has a *containment* relation with resources.
A directory also has symbolic link (so to speak) relation with resources.

The relations above are inescapable. To ignore them is to introduce 
regression or undue limitations. Henry explained the logic with clarity.



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