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On: Group Note "LDP Access Control"

From: Olle Olsson <olleo@sics.se>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 18:57:26 +0200
Message-ID: <541B0EF6.8040800@sics.se>
To: public-ldp-comments@w3.org
Just two remarks on the recently publiched Group Note on LDP Access Control

(1) The abstract starts with the sentence:
> This note discusses usecases and requirements for Access Control for 
> the Linked Data Platform WG.

I expected that such usecases and requirements described in this doc 
primarily pertain to some technology, not to the WG. So is there a 
specific reason that it says "... for the Linked Data Platform *WG*", 
and not "... for the Linked Data *Platform*"?

Especially as the third sentence says:
> The work delineated in the charter may be pursued in the Linked Data 
> Platform WG or an independent, related WG

And the doc actually ends with an "Outline for a Access Control WG".

(2) Spelling:
> ACG: An Access Control Graph describes the permitted modes of access 
> for particular agents to apecific resources.
Should end with "specific resources".



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