Re: [open-linguistics] Re: ISO 639 URIs

I think most people would prefer URIs that maintain the ISO acronym,
because it is established and because it can still be interpreted if the
URLs don't resolve anymore. But the Wikidata entry for Malayalam is
interesting for another reason: It refers to the Publications Office of the
European Union as the source of its ISO 639 identifiers, and they seem
indeed to provide URIs for some form of ISO 639-based language identifiers,
e.g., for ISO
639 ava. However, they seem to be focusing on ISO 639-2 languages only
(e.g., they have neither for ISO 639-3
csp nor
<> for ISO
639-1 av), so this doesn't seem to an appealing alternative either.


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>  How about Wikidata( For example
> is for Malayalam and has linked to
> several identifiers.
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