Re: ISO 639 URIs

Hi Felix, dear all,

Am .07.2020, 10:47 Uhr, schrieb Felix Sasaki <>:

> my preference would be "- Approach IANA about an RDF edition of the  
> BCP47 subtag registry ".
> Btw., since we had a mail exchange about the topic a while ago, there  
> has been a discussion in the W3C i18n working group
> At the moment that group is working on guidance about language tags and  
> locale identifiers, in which RDF related guidance would fit very well,  
> see

On a technical level, this would be my preference, too, mostly because  
it's consistent with language tag definitions for RDF in general, but also  
because it is uncertain how much technical support we can expect from SIL.  
However, two questions:
- As for IANA updates (I see there are some recent ones:  
Is that actively synchronized with ISO 693-3 (etc) or does it have to be  
triggered by a change request (and if so, by whom and how)?
- What would be a realistic timeline to expect any results (I mean RDF  
data) from  i18n? Is there any way we can support that?


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