Ten Questions for the Implementation of the Digital Single Market

Dear all,

  thanks to those who attended the call today on the topic "Multilingual 
Linked Data for the Digital Single Market".

Here are the 10 important questions that I raised in my slides...

1) How do we support SMEs in providing information about products and 
their features in 24 languages?
2) How do we ensure consistency and homogeneity of product information 
so that Pan-European cross-vendor comparison becomes possible?
3) How do we support online dispute resolution in 24 languages effectively?
4) How do we support finding previous online dispute resolution similar 
cases, also across languages?
5) How do we support linking of public sector datasets (e.g. business 
registry data, open government data) etc. across languages effectively 
to allow for mashups, cross-country comparisons, repurposing of data etc.?
6) How do we support SMEs and other organizations in finding and 
accessing public sector data intuitively?
7) How do we ensure interoperability of public services across borders?
8) How do we ensure quality of and trust in data?
9) How do we support clearance of licensing issue to ensure compliance 
in data use?
10) How do we support SMEs in interacting with customers in 24 languages 
and in listening to the voice of customers in 24 languages?

Do you have any feedback or comments on these 10 questions?

Comments on how Multilingual Linked Data Technology could contribute to 
develop solutions to address the above mentioned challenges are more 
than welcome (see slides 10-15 in my presentation, attached for the sake 
of easier reference).

Happy easter to everyone!


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