[ACTION 11] Initial DCAT to meta-share mapping

Hi all,
I've made an initial analysis of how we can make use DCAT in revising 
the meta-share vocabulary at:

Some points we can discuss on the call shortly:

1) classifying ms:LanguageResource as a dcat:Dataset - see:

2) separating meta-data about the resource from meta-data about its 
accessible forms or distributions - see:

3) (which I haven't documented yet) is using dcat:theme attribute for 
LanguageResource properties that comply to a specific scheme or taxonomy 
using skos:concept and skos:ConceptScheme. This would make sense for 
ms:domain, but also perhaps for making explicit the subclass taxonomy 
LanguageResource, e.g. Corpus etc.

Talk to you shortly,

Received on Thursday, 31 July 2014 12:37:39 UTC