Introduction: TeaJS

Dear participants,

this e-mail is a followup to Alexandre's introduction thread: its main 
goal is to introduce myself, my project and my expectations of this 
community group.

In 2008, after Google released V8, I decided to start experimenting 
with server-side JavaScript and created TeaJS (was called v8cgi those 
days): a multi-platform multi-purpose V8 embedding with a set of basic, 
easy-to-use synchronous APIs. In the following years, CommonJS was 
founded - I am one of its first members. While TeaJS did not gain as 
much popularity as node, its development continued - mostly thanks to 
the CommonJS specs that were emerging.

Today, TeaJS is a full-blown solution with a large collection of 
modules and APIs. Most of them are synchronous: easier to use, easier to 
transition to when coming from different languages/platforms, more 
expressive, more descriptive, easier to maintain. Unfortunately, the 
CommonJS process seems to be kind of stalled, which is limiting: I 
believe that APIs need to be standardized in order to be successful.

TeaJS is not the only one player out there, apart from node: there are 
many other cool embeddings with a similar goal - to provide an 
alternative to an async-based node "dictatorship". Together, these 
implementations have a solid user base and many of them are used in 
production to serve websites and provide services to thousands of 

I am very open to API discussion and standardization: my ultimate aim 
is to provide a quality solution with a well-defined APIs. However, I am 
not very happy with the current state of the affairs, when most of the 
standards exist only ad-hoc, because some unnamed guy implemented them 
in his 3rd party node module. This is where I see the future of this 
community group: standardization, ratification and implementation of W3 
APIs for server-side JS implementations. Ideally, for all of them, e.g. 
not limited by a sync/async nature of the embedding.

For more info about TeaJS, please see 

Ondrej Zara

Received on Thursday, 8 November 2012 18:40:29 UTC