Welcome to the Client and Server JS APIs community group

Dear participants,

We're very happy to have you joining us in our effort to improve interoperability between client and server code.
The added value make even more sense when you'll want consistent behavior when switching a Web App to offline mode. It also opens the opportunity to share libraries between Standalone and Client-Server applications.

Please present yourself to tell us what made you join the group and how you would like to participate.

In addition to the proposals you might do in future conversations, please note that we are looking for people willing to assume the role of representative members in :

1) Working Groups (even community or business ones) providing JavaScript related APIs:
- File API
- FileSystem API
- Web Worker
- Web Socket
- Web Storage
- Web SQL (potential resurrection for SSJS)
- IndexedDB
- Geolocation API
- XMLHttpRequest
- Geolocation API
- WebCL
- ...

2) Server-Side (or Desktop) JavaScript implementation teams (or at least users of these solution capable to communicate with the implementors) like:
- SilkJS
- v8CGI
- Sitepoint Persevere
- RingoJS / Helma
- Node.js
- OrientDB
- ArangoDB
- APE Project
- Mozilla Rhino?
- Sun Phobos
- MicroSoft JScript?
- Narwhal
- iMonkey
- Johnson
- ...

It looks like the goals of this community group reached some interests during TPAC, so I really hope it will end in useful materials.
You'll can find the slides of the TPAC session there: http://www.slideshare.net/alexandre_morgaut/endtoend-w3c-apis-tpac-2012

Kind regards,


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